Intensely Nourishing for Healthy-looking Hair With Aromachologie Nourishing


Good news! To unveil the future of beautiful hair, it’s now as simple as counting to three. Our Nourishing products and are formulated without silicone, so they won’t weigh down your hair (91%)*. (SOURSE – PR FILE) 


Aromachologie Nourishing Shampoo

Nourishing Shampoo

Step one: Clean. Washing can be rough on dry hair, stripping it of natural lipids and leaving it brittle to the touch. Thanks to its creamy and soft texture, the Nourishing Shampoo reverses all that damage, nourishing the hair fibre as it removes excess oil. 

Aromachologie Nourishing Conditioner

Step two: Condition. The indulgent Nourishing Conditioner and intensely nourishes the hair that have been highly damaged by daily aggressions. One thing to keep in mind: its rich creamy texture and pleasant scent will make it hard to leave the shower.

Aromachologie Nourishing Mask

Nourishing Mask

Finally, the Nourishing Mask turns into a very homemade spa moment. Like the olive tree’s roots, it evens the dry and extra damaged hair, bringing shine. Its rich, buttery-like texture, gives them the extra nourishing care it’s craving for! Use it once a week or when hair feels particularly brittle to make it supple and reveal a desirable silky effect