Divine Cream Mask

This smooth and melting mask is over 90% naturally derived, enriches with Divine Regenerating Complex and the new anti-aging ingredients: Cistus Extract, Echium Oil and Borage Oil, to accelerate cellular renewal, smooth wrinkles and correct all signs of aging.

Divinely effective, Skin seems



Intensely nourished and comforted* Immediately relaxed*

* Consumer test on 53 women over 8 weeks.

28 Day Divine Renewal Program

The Divine Renewal Program with Organic Immortelle Essential Oil with a blend of active ingredients selected for their renewing properties, specifically developed to work in tune with the skin renewal cycle: Exfoliation, Hydration & Nutrition, Balance, Renewal, 4 formulas in 4 weeks to enhance overworked skin’s natural ability to regenerate.


Gentle exfoliation


Hydration & Nutrition






Divine Extract + Divine Cream


of women said that the duo allowed to obtain anti-aging results more quickly.

*Based on comparison tests for the Extract & Cream together
and the Cream alone, conducted on 54 women over 4 weeks.

Divine Lotion

A dual-product as toner and booster to maximize the youth-promoting benefits.

Key Actions
  • Maintain skin’s balance
  • Accelerates cellular renewal
  • Prep skin to receive daily skincare product benefits
Divine Youth Oil

Made with 7 Natural Botanical Rejuvenating Oils and Immortelle Essential Oil.

Key Actions
  • Rich in essential Omega nutrition, which provides intensive nourishment boost to skin.
  • Combine Divine Youth Oil and Extract to double up the anti-aging power. Skin is plumped and firm with radiant complexion.
Divine Extract

Highly concentrated extract that regenerates skin dermis in 7 days and facilitates the absorption of Divine Cream for an ultimate anti-aging effect.

Key Actions
  • Improve firmness
  • Restore overall structure of face
  • Redefine facial contour
Divine Cream

A luxurious cream that acts at the heart of epidermal cells, bringing a total anti-aging care.

Key Actions
  • Restore elasticity and firmness
  • Revive vitality of aged cells
  • Reduce dark spots and reveal radiance
  • Redefine and restructure the natural profile of the face
Divine Eyes

A fresh and sheer extract specially formulated for the fragile eye area.

Key Actions
  • Smooth lines and firm up fragile eye area to prevent
  • Reduce dark circles and puffiness
  • Intensely nourish

True Story

In 2001, L’OCCITANE revealed the exceptional anti-ageing properties of organic immortelle from Corsica – the variety that contains the highest concentration of active ingredients. Since then, five patents* have been filed for the Immortelle range. This attests to the innovative nature of our research into cell regeneration and the remarkable effectiveness of face care products formulated with Corsican immortelle.

*Patents pending in France