Reine Blanche Illuminating Mist

Ultra-fine and without alcohol face mist that refreshes, hydrates and preserves skin’s whiteness at any time of the day.

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Reine Blanche Illuminating Mist


The illuminating Mist Reine Blanche instantly refreshes skin. Its extra-fine and alcohol-free formula infuses skin with hydration and illuminating agents, leaving it soothed and glowy.

•Skin is deeply infused with hydration. • Skin feels soothed and better protected against daily aggressions like pollution.
•Skin recovers its natural translucency and inner light: it glows, as if lit from within.

Suits all skin types.

Immediately after application*:
The skin is refreshed and moisturized 97%
The skin feels soothed after damage caused by external aggressions like pollution 97%
The skin is illuminated 94%

After 4 weeks of use*:
The skin is comfortable and moisturized 100%
The skin is plumped with hydration 97%
The skin is more luminous 97%
The feeling of tightness is reduced 94%
The skin regains its natural translucency 90%

*Satisfaction test on 30 Asian women during 4 weeks.


Apply the Illuminating Mist to the face and neck as needed. Hold the bottle 20 cm away from the face and spray in a circular motion, with eyes closed. Let it absorb into the skin.


For centuries, a flair, flawless complexion has been the ultimate symbol of beauty and femininity. The quest to preserve the immaculate radiance of the skin is a key beauty preoccupation. Drawing on its extensive botanical research, L’Occitane has discovered a plant with the power to whiten and spectacularly illuminate the skin. Reine des Prés is a pure white flower illuminating its petals over time.   Inspired by its immaculate beauty and unparalleled luminosity, L’Occitane has created the REINE BLANCHE Illuminating Program for a fair and translucent skin. Day after day, the skin recovers its natural translucency and inner light, glowing with immaculate radiance. > DISCOVER MORE--> Reine Blanche


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