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Discover why everyone loves our Almond range that leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and supple with a heavenly scent too!

Top 3 Reasons Why Everyone Loves Almond

Heavenly Scent

Our fans consistently rave about our Almond collection’s scent that is reminiscent of an ultra-luxurious spa!

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Moisturising Effect

People love how Almond Shower Oil keeps their skin soft and smooth for up to 6 hours after their shower!

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Unique Texture

Many quickly fall in love with the satin-smooth oil-to-milk texture of Almond Shower Oil!

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✨Top Pick of the Month✨

1 bottle of Almond Shower Oil is sold every 15 seconds worldwide*.

Discover why everyone adores Almond Shower Oil that leaves skin feeling amazingly smooth, soft and supple after every shower.

Best Pairing with Almond Shower Oil

Almond Milk Concentrate

Enriched with Almond extract, this silky and creamy body moisturiser keeps your body smooth and hydrated for up to 48hours, with a non-greasy finish!

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Almond Supple Skin Oil

A lightweight, silky and concentrated texture to act on 5 key signs of body aging, while leaving skin more supple and smoother with a heavenly scent!

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