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Healthier scalp, 3X less damaged hair​

Fighting frizz? Not only do you have to care for your hair, your scalp needs to be healthy too! A balanced scalp allows healthy hair to grow out, so that your hair can be smoother in the long run.

​That is why there is a need to alternate between two shampoos to fight frizz: Gentle & Balance Shampoo to cleanse your scalp effectively and gently, and Intensive Repair Shampoo to smooth out those frizzes.​​

Purifying Kit

Healthier scalp, 3X less oily hair

To truly fight oily and greasy hair, you need to bring health back to your scalp as well! Only by rebalancing the moisture and sebum levels on your scalp can your hair stay lastingly oil-free in the long run.​​

That is why there is a need to alternate between two shampoos to fight grease: Gentle & Balance Shampoo to rebalance the moisture levels of your scalp and Purifying Freshness Shampoo to leave your hair light and oil-free.​
intensive repair shampoo

Healthier scalp, 3X less hair breakage​

Hair loss is caused by an unhealthy scalp as well as fragile hair. Your scalp needs to be healthy first before your hair can be strengthened.​

​That is why there is a need to alternate between two shampoos to fight hair fall: Gentle & Balance Shampoo to make your scalp healthier and stronger and Volume & Strength Shampoo to strengthen your hair strands!​


Better in every way

100% silicone-free
Doesn’t weigh down your hair, doesn’t pollute our oceans.

Formulated with 5 essential oils
Specially blended for each scalp or hair type, with more than 40 years of expertise.

Housed in 100% recycled bottles
Our shampoos and conditioners come in 100% PETR bottles and are further recyclable in stores with our Big Little Things recycling program.

Same Care, Less Packaging

You do not need to buy a new bottle, just fill it up with an Eco-Refill! Our eco-friendly  packaging delivers the same amount of love, with up to 80% less packaging.

Solid, Small and Powerful

With zero plastic packaging, our Solid Shampoo range is possibly the most eco-friendly way to wash your hair. Each bar delivers the same number of washes as 2 full-sized bottles of shampoo!

Need A Bit More Love? Complete Your Routine.

To keep your hair and scalp at its healthiest, sometimes you need to give them some extra care. Use these a few times a week, or whenever needed, for your best hair ever.