The Aqua Réotier source

The new Aqua Réotier Collection!

Formulated with the calcium-rich water of Provence’s Réotier spring, moisturizes skin for at least 24 hours.


Unique Beauty Source

The unique mineralized source of Réotier


Up to 10x more concentrated in moisture-retention calcium than any other thermal water, the lively Réotier spring is a holy unique source. A treasured site of Provence, the untouched water of Réotier spring is gorged with minerals and blended with cool rainwater, an elixir for replenished, plumpy and radiant skin. We are committed to using it responsibly to secure both the healthy-looking beauty of your skin and nature itself.  Only 0.04% of the total annual volume of the source will be carefully taken out for our Aqua Réotier hydration range.

Three active ingredients work together to bring you ultra moisture. Here’s how it works:

Hyaluronic Acid

helps skin retain moisture, restoring its vitality


captures water molecules at skin’s surface, hydrating and plumping it

Calcium-rich Reotier water

strengthens the outermost layer of skin, preserving skin’s natural hydration

Two ultra-sensory textures

Aqua Réotier Texture | L'OCCITANE Malaysia
This sparkling gel feels as good as it looks, with thousands of micro-bubbles, the Ultra Thirst-Quenching Gel instantly quenches thirsty skin and acts like a magnet. It recharges skin with hydration and with a long lasting moisture.

If a smoother cream is more your style, try the Ultra Thirst-Quenching Cream. It’s perfect for all skin types that needs a little extra pop of soft hydration, especially on hotter days. And its light, creamy texture glides onto skin like a dream, for a moment of moisture that lasts all day.


Your New Hydrating Facial Routine

Your New Hydrating Facial Routine | L'OCCITANE Malaysia

Step by step, drop by drop

The Water Gel Cleanser invigorates your skin while lifting away impurities, use Fresh Moisturizing Mist whenever you need a little boost of freshness or even help set your makeup and the Moisture Prep Essence instantly refreshes skin, prepping it for all the moisture coming its way.
New: the Aqua Réotier Collection