For Your Face

Start your beauty regime on a clean slate with a good ol’ face mask & scrub to remove unwanted grime on your skin so it looks perfectly soft & smooth in the new year selfies.

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For Your Body

Nothing like smooth skin to go with your CNY ensemble. Pamper yourself in the shower with the gentle exfoliation of Almond Delicious Paste combined with moisturizing properties of Almond Shower Oil for extra smooth skin!

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For Your Hair

Beautiful hair starts with a healthy scalp! Get rid of oily scalp with our Purifying Freshness collection & follow up with targeted natural hair treatments so your hair is silky smooth & revitalized.

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CNY Day 1 Tip: Smooth skin for a natural glow

Time to get your glow on with Reset this new year! Here’s how you can incorporate Reset into your CNY skincare routine so your skin looks naturally smooth & glowing at any family gatherings:

•After using the face scrub & cleanser, prepare and activate your skin with Immortelle Divine Activating Essence, so skin is hydrated & revilatised.

•Dispense 1-2 pumps of our most-loved Immortelle Reset Serum onto your palm & warm it up. Breathe in the calming Immortelle scent before gently applying all over face & neck!
•Drip 2-3 drops of Divine Youth Oil onto your palms & warm them up. Gentle apply all over face & neck moving upwards along your jawline and downwards along the side of your neck.
•Seal in all the Immortelle goodness with the Immortelle Divine Cream to give your skin added firmness, vibrancy, evenness and increased volume.

Voilà! Repeat this beauty regime day & night to enjoy your newfound smooth skin that glows naturally!

CNY Day 2 Tip: Uplift your mood with Shea Happy

With a new year comes new hope & more reasons to be happy! For a smooth start to your 2021, uplift your mood with Shea Happy, our limited edition body collection starring a smile-boosting citrusy scent designed with your happiness in mind.

Smooth skin starts from the shower!
Begin by enveloping damp skin in the Shea Happy Shower Cream. Gently massage & work it into a lather, while you breathe in the revitalizing citrus scent combined with Shea to help unwind after a long day.  The bonus? You’ll feel your skin is soft and supple thanks to the high percentage of 5% of nourishing Shea Butter that preserves your skin's natural balance.

Layer, layer layer
Once your body is wiped dry, try a technique called layering. Unlike fragrance layering which combines two different scents, you’ll get the same beautiful uplifting scent of your shower gel and body lotion, only for a longer lasting effect. Now that your skin is delicately fragranced after a nice warm shower, scoop up a substantial amount of Shea Happy Ultra Rich Body Cream with your fingers and apply all over your body.  You’ll notice the same energizing scent will linger on your skin so you can have a happy night-in. (P.S.:  You can rest assure that your skin will be intensely nourished & have up to 72 hours hydration, thanks to an exceptional 25% concentration of Shea Butter!)


For soft, fresh smelling hands
Last by certainly not the least, care for your dry hands with the Shea Happy Hand Cream to bid farewell to dry nails & cuticles after all that hand washing! Your hands are guaranteed to be nourished, protected & smell fresh all the time. You can also pop it into your bag to have soft hands on-the-go during CNY home visitations too!

CNY Day 3 Tip: Care for your hair after all that styling!

Everyone knows that fancy hairstyles will make heads turn, but it can also damage your beautiful head of hair in the long run! Even as you decide which hairstyle you’re going for this new year, why not show it more TLC with natural hair care? After all those chemical hair dyes, heating, and curling; what’s most important is a healthy head of hair so it looks naturally smooth & gorgeous!

Step 1: For oily heads, apply the Aromachologie Purifying Hair & Scalp Scrub

 directly on your scalp to remove dead skin cells, clogged pores and sebum. Delicately massage to activate micro-circulation for 3 minutes.  Add water to emulsify then rinse off thoroughly.

Step 2: Wash your hair with 5 essential oils in the Aromachologie Intensive Repair Shampoo. Created for all dry and damaged hair, this silicon-free formula is sure to revitalize and strengthen your hair fibres so it’s soft, radiant, and full of life!

Step 3: To repair and protect dry and damaged hair, take a substantial amount of Aromachologie Intensive Repair Mask onto your palms. Relax as you breathe in its aromatic scent, then apply to the full length of your hair (just like how you use hair conditioner). Leave on for 3 to 5 minutes then rinse.

Step 4: Once you’re out of the shower, towel dry your hair gently to avoid damage and frizz. Proceed by applying a small amount of Anti-Frizz Hair Serum onto damp hair before using heating tool or hair dryer.

Step 5: Lastly, apply the Aromachologie Repairing oil onto hair to transform it from dry and damaged to strong and shiny. The best part? It also softens and tames hair that sticks out, while protecting it against sun damage!