Home Perfume Diffuser Kit

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Up to 5 weeks of a strong and continuous diffusion, to complete with perfumed refills according to your mood.

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Home Perfume Diffuser Kit


This decorative perfume diffuser brings a touch of Provence to your interior. Use it with the perfume refills of your choice and enjoy fragrant moments at home.Enjoy a strong and continuous diffusion of up to 5 weeks.


This diffuser set is composed of a decorative glass decanter and 15 diffuser reeds.It has to be completed with a perfume refill sold separately, selected by you. Compose your perfume diffuser set: Select your favorite perfumed refill.Pour the perfumed refill into the glass decanterFor a light fragrance diffusion, only use 10 reeds & half of the perfume.For an intense fragrance diffusion, use all of the reeds and all of the perfume. Place the reeds into the decanter in the form of a bouquet.Thanks to its diffusing system, the fragrance absorbs into the reeds much like water delicately ascending into the stream of a plant.The perfume refill will fragrance your home for up to 5 weeks.


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  • Perfume sold separately

    Note that the perfume is sold separately at RM78 for a 100ml bottle. The kit looks simple and nice but is pricey in my opinion as there are many other better options within this price range.

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      3 out of 5
    • Location KL
    • Country MALAYSIA
    • Age 25 - 34
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    • Hair type Normal
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