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New Shea Butter Baby Series

The intimate relationship between mother and child stems from the contact of the senses and skin. Each time you bathe your child, you are deepening your communication with your child and creating a warm parent-child time. The new shea butter baby series strictly selects natural organic shea butter as the main component, with extraordinary skin care ability, to bring the best skin care to the baby.

Pass sensitivity test Natural care formula

All formulas are tested by pediatric experts to ensure product safety and non-irritation, and allow mothers and babies to use it with peace of mind

Natural organic Shea fruit

Strictly select natural organic shea butter as the main component, its extraordinary skin care ability can bring the best skin care for babies

Gentle formula Take care of young skin

Freshly matched with fragrance and non-irritating formula, suitable for infants 3 months or more

Take care of sensitive and fragile skin

Bring double moisturization and care for the baby's skin

Natural ingredients to double moisturize and pamper the baby's skin with a mild formula. The packaging is designed with a simple design, with soft colors, and it is the perfect choice for your gift

Shea Baby Moist Milk

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