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Immortelle Precious Cleansing Foam Eco-Refill

Note 4.8 /5 (214 reviews)
Gentle cleansing with organic immortelle floral water. Restock on your favorite face cleanser with a smart beauty refill!
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Immortelle Precious Cleansing Foam gently cleanses the face and eliminates impurities while preserving the freshness of young skin. A part of our Immortelle Precious anti-aging skincare collection, this foaming cleanser helps to smooth and firm the skin. Made with organic immortelle floral water, it provides a unique moment of relaxation, leaving behind the soft floral fragrance of this golden flower.

For your convenience, the Immortelle Precious Cleansing Foam is available as an eco-refill! Immortelle is a flower with exceptional longevity: it never fades, even after it has been picked.

In order to guarantee the highest quality and the traceability of this golden flower, L'OCCITANE has invested in very first large-scale, sustainable and organic immortelle plantation program in Corsica. Immortelle essential oil is rich in active molecules that deliver unique anti-aging beauty results.

Bahasa Malaysia
Immortelle Precious Cleansing Foam membersihkan wajah dengan lembut dan menghilangkan kotoran sambil memberikan kesegaran untuk kulit yang muda. Sebahagian daripada koleksi penjagaan kulit anti penuaan Immortelle Precious, pembersih muka berbuih ini membantu melicinkan dan menganjalkan kulit. Diperbuat dengan air bunga Immortelle organik, ia memberikan suasana santai yang unik dan meninggalkan aroma bunga emas yang lembut.

Untuk kemudahan anda, Immortelle Precious Cleansing Foam boleh didapati dalam versi pek eko isian semula! Immortelle adalah bunga luar biasa yang memiliki umur yang panjang; ianya tidak pernah pudar atau layu, walaupun selepas ia telah dipetik. 

Untuk menjamin kualiti tertinggi dan membolehkan bunga emas ini dipetik dengan mengetahui punca sebenarnya, L'OCCITANE telah melabur dalam program perladangan Immortelle yang besar, mampan, dan organik yang pertama di Corsica. Minyak pati Immortelle kaya dengan molekul-molekul aktif yang memberikan hasil kecantikan anti penuaan yang unik.

Apply morning and evening to damp skin. Massage gently over the face then rinse. Avoid eye contours.

Bahasa Malaysia

Sapukan pada kulit yang lembap pada waktu pagi dan petang. Urutkan keseluruhan muka dengan lembut kemudian bilas. Elakkan kontur mata.

Capture the light of the majestic Corsican sun with our Divine collection. All our products use the astonishing anti-aging qualities of the Immortelle, well-known for its golden flowers which never fade. Our range of award-winning products fight the visible signs of aging providing instant replenishment and softness. Just like the Immortelle, ensure a everlasting youthful complexion. Divine Collection

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214 Customer Reviews
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  • The Best Form Cleanser

    Bought my first bottle and keep using twice daily. My skin was very dry and when i gently massage use this cleansing foam, there’s a dead cells come out together after I rinse my face. I rub the dead cells and rinse again till clean! Definitely will buy the refill package!

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    • Note
      4 out of 5
    • Location Selangor
    • Country/Region MALAYSIA
    • Age 35 - 44
    • Skin type Combination
    • Hair type With dandruff
  • Perfect in hot and humid climates

    The cleansing foam is a perfect clean on my skin in hot and humid climates of Northern Australia . However I have moved and noticed it dried up my skin in the cold and dry weather here. Would use this product again depending on my location.

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    • Note
      5 out of 5
    • Location Canberra
    • Country/Region AUSTRALIA
    • Age 35 - 44
    • Skin type Combination
    • Hair type Fine
  • Top up

    Excellent purchase good value for money. I use it to top up bottles. Don’t try to refill travel bottles because they leak.

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    • Note
      5 out of 5
    • Location West Midlands
    • Country/Region UNITED KINGDOM
    • Age
    • Skin type
    • Hair type
  • Amazing cleanser for all seasons

    I’ve got combination skin and have used several high end to cult Brand’s (Dior to Indie Lee), but this comes up among my favs. Refreshing smell without too overwhelming, and cleanses thoroughly without stripping facial moisture. Leaves your skin plump and dewy after each wash! My only con, if L’occitane could look into a travel friendly size

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    • Note
      5 out of 5
    • Location Singapore
    • Country/Region SINGAPORE
    • Age 18 - 24
    • Skin type Oily
    • Hair type Normal
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