Shea Apricot Solidarity Balm

L’OCCITANE and its Foundation launched a new Shea Butter Apricot Balm for Women’s Day in 2018 and whose profits* will benefit to the thousands of Burkinabe women.
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Shea Apricot Solidarity Balm


L’OCCITANE’s 2018 Solidarity Balm combines the richness of African soil and the fragrant atmosphere of South of France vergers. Pure Shea butter meets with the velvety perfume of apricot in an explosion for the senses.

A well-kept secret in Burkina Faso, Shea butter has the sheer power of transforming everything it touches to silk. A dab on the lips and they will shine with luxurious moisture, a touch on the hair and you’ll feel a silky touch, and a hint on the skin will turn it into a soft and supple peach-like.

A joyful application which echoes its vibrant tin box, ornate with a traditional Wax fabric print, whose colours blaze like the African sun.


Apply on lips, hair, or small dry areas of the face. Melt in palm of hands before applying.