Memorable moments come in a yellow box

The culture of gifting is an important part of L’OCCITANE’s brand. Whether it is a small or big gifts, we will pack all the thoughtful giftsin a cheerful yellow gift packaging that brighten up one’s day.
Whether it is a gift for women or a gift for men, here are the ideas you to express love, say thank you or make amend.

Recommended Gift Sets

Share every moment with a yellow box

Celebrations come in a yellow box. Celebrate their special days with a gift from Provence.

Love comes in a yellow box. Show them your love with goodness from nature.

Apologies comes in a yellow box. It’s time to make amends with a yellow gift box.

Friendship comes in a yellow box. Let them know you miss them with a small surprise.

Gratitude comes in a yellow box. Thank them for al they’ve done with a thoughtful gift from nature.

Looking for the perfect gift?

L’OCCITANE has a gift for every occasion! Whether you need gifts for birthdays, weddings, seasonal celebrations, or simply a heartfelt ‘Thank you’ kit, we have just the right gifts from nature that you and your loved ones will treasure!

Gift Suggestions

Gifts Below RM200 | L'OCCITANE Malaysia

Gift Under RM100

Here are some gift ideas that your friends and loved one will love but won’t break the bank.

Gifts for Men | L'OCCITANE Malaysia

Gift Under RM200

Here are some gift ideas that are unique for everyone on your shopping list, yet affordable.

Gifts for Women | L'OCCITANE Malaysia

Gift Under RM500

Here are some indulgent, luxurious gift ideas to be given to that special someone.


Gifts in Yellow