Be an Eco Hero

For over 10 years, L’OCCITANE is committed to reducing our waste and carbon footprint.​ Eco-refills and bottles made from 100% recycled plastic are just some of the ways we do that!​

Save the Earth

No superpowers needed! All you need to do is switch to our Eco-Refills to save up to 97% packaging vs their original containers. Every small change helps!

Save your wallet

Being an eco hero has its perks. By switching to our Eco-Refills, you get to save up to 33%* vs their original price.

Body Care Eco-Refills

Face Care Eco-Refills

Eco-Refills Bundle Deals


Big Little Things is our beauty recycling program that accepts empties from any beauty brands in Malaysia. Let’s recycle and be rewarded!



Save 100% plastic? It's possible with our refill fountain. Eliminate unnecessary plastic by bringing back your empty L'OCCITANE bottles or get one of our aluminum forever bottles to refill again and again.


Think Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Why not try some upcycling projects!

Love DIY? Then you’ll love our upcycling ideas on how to transform difficult-to-recycle items into something useful.