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Rose Collection

Green, fruity, spicy and woody notes define this unique floral scent. The infusion of Rose Centifolia brings out its natural and petal-like facets while the Rose Damascena absolute creates a captivating floral heart. Roses - the scent now, has become a symbol of beauty and love and is an endless source of creativity for perfumers.

Rose Eau de Toilette

The very quintessence of the Rose of Provence. Effortlessly dazzling, this fragrance reveals distinctive notes of petals and others that are light as air. This luminous creation captures the rose in a new light with green and fruity notes interlacing in a naturally elegant, floral fragrance. Discover the full Rose collection including fragrance, body care and hand care products online.

Rose Eau De Toilette

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In ancient times, Mediterranean women would steep rose petals in oil to perfume their skin with, as a way to radiate beauty and femininity. Now, the scent has become a symbol of beauty and love - an endless source of creativity for perfumers.


Floral fragrances and perfumes are among some of the most popular scents on the market. Our soft and romantic fragrances are guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser and will allow you to bring the fragrances of spring with you all year long.

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