How to exfoliate: our head-to-toe guide!

Body scrubs, hand scrubs, foot scrubs... It seems there's a scrub for every part of the body! Exfoliators are great for sloughing away dead cells, flaky skin and excess sebum, lifting away impurities, and buffing away rough skin. They help to stimulate cell renewal, prevent ingrown hairs, cleanse deep down, and leave your skin feeling softer and smoother. What's not to love? We give you the lowdown on exfoliators, so you'll know which one to use – and how to use it – for softer, purified skin.


body exfoliation
L'OCCITANE body scrubs are ideal for exfoliating any part of your body – but shouldn't be used on your face. 


Our Almond Shower Scrub is so delicious, it's almost good enough to eat! (But please don't!!!) Enriched with Almond Oil and Almond Shells, the foaming Almond Shower Scrub melts into the skin, cleanses softly and exfoliates to remove impurities and dead cells. Skin is softened, Skin is smoothed and Skin ready to absorb all the benefits of your body creams. This scrub leaves behind the fresh and delicate fragrance of Almond Tree Flowers.
body scrub and almond oil combination


Our Almond body scrub can be used in two different ways:

If you're looking for some serious exfoliation, begin by wetting your skin, then take some product and massage over target areas. It's best if you use circular or upward movements, to stimulate microcirculation. Once you've finished, simply rinse with clean water.

If you want exfoliation to be all about well-being, relaxation, scents and sensations, we suggest to use Almond Shower Scrub  then with our Almond Shower Oil.  Dive right into an Almond Body Care Ritual for beautiful skin and a radiant glow!

Now that you've removed all dead cells and your skin feels smooth and squeaky clean, you can apply a body butter, cream or lotion to nourish deep down. 


Our hands are exposed to everything! Changes in temperature, pollution, dirt, UV rays, the elements, hot water, harsh cleansing agents, etc. These can all take their toll, leaving your hands feeling rough and dry – and in need of a little TLC! Pamper your hands with a scrub that will help to soften and repair the skin, and keep your nails looking beautiful. 


Have you met our Shea Butter One-Minute Hand Scrub Its ingredients include organic shea butter (10%), ground walnut husks, apricot oil and allantoin, and it can even be used if you have dry skin. So, what does this product promise? There's a clue in the name... In just one minute, it smoothes and nourishes your hands. You can also use it to exfoliate your feet and any rough areas on the body, such as elbows and knees. 
beautiful hands


Apply this hand scrub directly to dry hands. Then slowly massage the back of the hand, the fingers and around the nails. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. Apply your hand cream immediately afterwards: its moisturizing effect will be optimized by using the scrub. To take care of your nails, take a look at our targeted products for the hands and nails


How to have beautiful feet thanks to exfoliation
Our feet spend much of their time stuck inside shoes, so it's no wonder that the skin of the feet can become dry, hard or damaged. The best way to combat this problem is by using a scrub to smooth and soften. Because the skin on your feet is thicker, there's no need to be extra gentle, so you can use body scrubs with large exfoliating granules. Sometimes you have to be a little rough to get rid of roughness! 


The Shea Butter Rich Body Scrub is ideal for exfoliating your feet. Enriched with apricot oil and finely ground nutshells, it seems to melt on the skin the moment you apply it. Gentle yet effective, it's excellent for softening dry, rough patches. Plus you'll love its subtle, delicate scent.
exfoliating products for feet


Use this product in the shower to exfoliate your entire body. When you get to your feet, pay particular attention to heels, the top of your feet, and around the nails. Rinse well, dry your skin, then apply moisturizer.
We recommend exfoliating once or twice a week (unless you have very sensitive skin). Scrubs help to reveal the skin's natural beauty, so they make a great gift for someone – or treat for yourself!