Immortelle Reset

We all lead an increasingly stressful life and stress causes your skin to have various issues. With Immortelle Reset, you no longer have to stress about your skin so you can focus on being your best self. Its soothing and glow-boosting benefits easily helps fight skin issues due to stress.

No stress, just glowing skin

Immortelle Reset contains a natural blend of relaxing botanicals and Immortelle extracts to fight stress-related skin concerns such as sensitivity, excessive oiliness or even dryness. With this, your skin will stay glowing, rested and soothed, no stress!

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No stress, only great results

Nothing Resets Like Nature

reset serum

No stress in 5 seconds

Dispense 3 pumps of Immortelle Reset Serum onto your palms
Warm it up and breathe in its scent deeply 
Apply Immortelle Reset by smoothing it over your cheeks and forehead


Our Reset Power Routine

reset serum

Immortelle Reset Oil-in-Serum is step 2 of our Reset Power Routine. Discover our 3 steps iconic trio for healthier skin that is smooth, strong and glowing.


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