List of Acceptable Beauty Recyclables

Big Little Things is a long term recycling program. We accept recyclable beauty empties from ALL brands in the clean & dry condition. Our team will assist to check them for you upon collection.
These are the items, deemed as FULL SIZES according to L’OCCITANE Measurement, that allow you to be eligible for the redemption.
Face Care
All types of face moisturizers (cream, gel, balm, fluid & etc): 50ml & above
All types of face cleanser: 125ml and above
All face scrub: 50ml & above
All types of face mask (except sheet mask): 50ml & above
All types of face toners (Emulsion, lotion, softener, tonic, acid toner & etc): 150ml & above
All types of make-up removers (cleansing oil, cleansing balm, micellar water & etc): 100ml & above
All types of boosters, treatment, serum, essence or face oil: 30ml & above
(We accept L’Occitane Divine Youth Oil 15ml)
All types of face and body sunscreens: 30ml & above
All types of face mists (face spray & hydrating mist): 50ml & above
All types of eye care products (cream, gel, balm & etc): 15ml & above
All types of shaving & after shave products: 75ml & above

Body Care
All types of shower & bath products (including baby products): 250ml & above
All types of shower, shampoo & conditioner refill packs: 500ml & above
All types of body moisturizers (including baby products): 200ml & above
Body Oil: 100ml & above
Body Scrubs: 200ml & above
Deodorants & antiperspirants: 50ml & above
Colognes, Eau de Toilettes, Eau de Parfum & Parfum: 50ml & above

Hand Care
Hand & foot creams: 30ml & above
Hand wash: 300ml & above
Hand scrubs: 75ml & above
Hand sanitizers: 65ml & above
Hair Care
Hair shampoo & conditioner bottles: 250ml & above
Hair masks: 200ml & above
All types of hair leave-in treatments: 100ml & above
(We do not accept hair dye & hair styling products)
Aroma essential oil: 10ml & above
Pillow mist: 100ml & above
Kindly note that we do not accept health & beauty supplement bottles and makeup products such as collagen bottles, eyeshadow palette, lip gloss, lip balm & etc.