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By alternating your shampoos daily, you can grow strong, beautiful hair when you start with a healthy & balanced scalp!

If your hair & scalp is…


-In need of daily shampoo for balanced and healthy scalp

-Dull & lack of shine

-Sensitive and irritated

-Suffering from redness and itch

Recommend shampoo: Gentle Balance

If your hair & scalp is…

-Oily and greasy

-Getting build

-up on scalp very frequently

-Sticky and filled with dandruff-In need of a long lasting, refreshing result

Recommend shampoo: Purifying Freshness

If your hair is

-Fine and brittle

-Flat and lack of volume

-Suffering from breakage

-Experiencing hair fall-In need of more volume and density

Recommend shampoo: Volume and Strength

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If you hair is....

-Dry and damaged

-Chemically permed or straightened 

-Colored or bleached 

-Always using heated styling tools

-Rough with split ends

Recommend shampoo: Intense Repair

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3,500 points = RM520


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