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Reconnect and Reset this Hari Raya with L'Occitane!

Join us in embracing the true spirit of Hari Raya by mending relationships and seeking forgiveness with our loved ones. Watch this short clip that tells the story of Dian and Maria, reminding us of the importance of resetting relationships with tenderness.

Spark discussions and share your own "Reset moments" with family. Plus, get your skin Raya-ready with L'Occitane's Immortelle Reset Serum. Experience renewal this festive season with L'Occitane.

Watch #KitaReset

@loccitanemy SIAPA BETUL - Filem pendek Raya L'Occitane yang menjentik jiwa . Kadangkala, kita terlalu mementingkan prinsip hidup sehingga kabur pertimbangan, terkikis kasih sayang. SIAPA BETUL mengupas kemelut rasa yang selalu kita hadapi dengan orang yang dekat dengan kita. ✨ . Selami hati ibu, yang inginkan yang terbaik untuk anaknya. Dan si anak pula, ingin mencatur kehidupan sendiri - lain haluan dari expectation sang ibu! . Pernahkah anda mengalaminya? Then, this short film is for you! 💛 . #LOccitaneMalaysia #KitaReset #SiapaBetul #iklanraya #iklanraya2024 #fyp ♬ original sound - L'Occitane MY

About Immortelle Reset

About Immortelle Reset

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What if you could reset your skin to the best it can be, every single day? ☀️

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Fight stress-related skin concerns such as sensitivity, excessive oiliness or even dryness with Immortelle Reset Serum so your skin will stay glowing, hydrated and soothed.

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Immortelle Ingredient

Immortelle: Our Anti-Ageing Ingredient

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Our Immortelle ingredient is substainably sourced, 100% organic, only sustainable and long-term parnerships with family-owned farms.

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