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Your expert skin diagnosis - Oily skin with complexion issues

Producing oil is necessary for the health of your skin, but your skin may be producing a bit too much. This results in a shine that visible, especially at the end of the day. Due to this, your skin may be experiencing some dullness or pigmentation issues from blemishes or being weighed down by excessive oil. You need a skin care routine that helps regulate your sebum production, yet brightens and evens out your skin with natural ingredients that cause less reactions.

reine blanche cleansing foam

Step 1: Cleanse

The rich mousse of our Reine Blanche Intense Cleansing Foam effectively lifts away impurities and sebum, allowing the meadowsweet extract to help brighten your skin.

reine blanche lotion

Step 2: Tone

Pat this toning lotion into your skin to prep your skin for your brightening routine. Our Reine Blanche Illuminating Lotion also contains meadowsweet extracts to help prevent dullness and dark spots.

immortelle reset serum

Step 3: Eye Care

Help your eye area look rested and smooth with our Immortelle-powered Immortelle Reset Eye Serum! This lightweight formula has a comfortable finish that does not feel greasy, suitable for oily skin!

Immortelle reset serum

Step 4: Activate


Activate your skin’s natural glow with Immortelle Reset Serum! This serum helps prepare, renew and relax your skin, so it is ready to reap the full benefits of the rest of your routine.

 powder-to-mousse exfoliating mask

Step 5: Cream-To-Milk Face Scrub

Our Cream-To-Milk Face Scrub doubles as a gentle exfoliating mask. It turns pink when it it is ready to be rinsed off! Use this weekly to reveal newer, healthier skin.

reine blanche cream

Step 6: Moisturize

This brightening moisturizer is certified to be effective on fighting dullness and dark spots. Your skin will be hydrated, smooth and illuminated with regular use of our Reine Blanche Cream.

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