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Reset Power Routine

Our Reset Power Routine

For healthier skin that is soothed, strong and glowing, consider our Reset Power Routine which includes our bestselling essence, serum and face treatment. Read on to find out how to use the three to achieve better skin that is less sensitive, less dull, less dry and even less oily!

Step 1

Strengthen your skin barrier with Immortelle Triphase Reset Essence Formulated with prebiotics to strengthen your skin barrier! Skin becomes visibly radiant, stronger and balanced with regular use.

Step 2

Activate skin cells for stress recovery with Immortelle Reset Serum Reset your skin’s glow with this refreshing serum, made with relaxing botanicals and antioxidant-rich Immortelle bubbles. This helps your skin cells recover from daily stress due to fatigue or environmental factors!

Step 3

Boost skin's health with Immortelle Divine Youth Oil.
Just a few drops of this powerful face treatment will easily penetrate deep into your skin cells and boost your skin’s health by giving it essential omegas and vitamins that aid in daily recovery.

Reset Power Routine

Healthier skin that is soothed strong and glowing!

Lastingly smooth and glowing skin!
By taking care of your skin barrier, your skin renewal as well as your skin’s health, you will notice less sensitivity, less dullness, less dryness and even less oiliness! When your skin is healthier, it will be able to enjoy the benefits of the rest of your skin care!

Meet our Immortelle Duos

Immortelle Day Routine

Strengthen barrier, activate stress recovery

Our iconic health-boosting duo for your skin! This pair contains antioxidant Immortelle as well as skin-essential Vitamins and Omegas to amplify your skin's glow.

Power Duo

Activate stress recovery, boost skin’s health

After cleansing and before the rest of your skin care routine, use this lightweight duo to help your skin feel more rested. Over time, expect stronger and glowing skin from within!

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