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Almond Shower Scrub

Note 4.6 /5 (16 reviews)
Exfoliating and cleansing with almond oil.
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Enriched with Almond Oil and Almond Shells, the foaming Almond Shower Scrub melts into the skin, cleanses softly and exfoliates to remove impurities and dead cells. Skin is softened, Skin is smoothed and Skin ready to absorb all the benefits of your body creams. This scrub leaves behind the fresh and delicate fragrance of Almond Tree Flowers.
Apply with soft massage movements on wet skin. Lather and rinse. Suitable for daily use.
Between February and March every year, the fields of Provence are filled with pink and white almond blossom. Well-known for its moisturising and softening properties, almond oil is perfect to pamper your body. Our Almond Collection, which offers a range of body moisturisers, skin firming treatments and indulgent shower and bath products, is made to guide you through those blossom-filled fields. Almond Collection
Almond oil

Almond crushed shells

Plant based foaming agent

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16 Customer Reviews
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  • Brilliant!

    I have been looking for a good exfoliating shower gel for ages and I am so glad that I have finally found one. I have only used it once but the results were immediate. It is easy to use and left me feeling clean and extremely smooth. I was expecting my bumpy skin on the underneath of my arms to take a few applications before I would see/feel any difference but it was immediate! My skin felt very smooth and looked glowing. I am not a big almond fan but the smell was pleasant.

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    • Note
      5 out of 5
    • Location Chelmsford
    • Country/Region UNITED KINGDOM
    • Age
    • Skin type Combination
    • Hair type Colored
  • One of my favourite body scrub!

    My skin feels good and smooth everytime after using it! The almond scent just nice for relaxing.

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    • Note
      5 out of 5
    • Location SB, KOTA KINABALU
    • Country/Region MALAYSIA
    • Age 25 - 34
    • Skin type Combination
    • Hair type Dry and damaged
  • Gorgeous!

    This scrub is amazing, the smell is fantastic, the scrub particles are not too aggressive on the skin, and it just prepares the skin for the oil and the other treatments. Love it!

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    • Note
      5 out of 5
    • Location London
    • Country/Region UNITED KINGDOM
    • Age
    • Skin type
    • Hair type
  • The best scrub 😊

    Smells fab, leaves skin soft, lasts well. Nothing bad about this! I love the twisting open/close on the lid, so convenient and doesn’t leave a mess. Xx

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    • Note
      5 out of 5
    • Location Sheffield
    • Country/Region UNITED KINGDOM
    • Age
    • Skin type Normal
    • Hair type Fine
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