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Cherry Blossom Face Fresh Mist

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Cherry Blossom Face Fresh Mist - 50 ml

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Introducing our Cherry Blossom Refreshing Mist, a revitalizing blend enriched with plant sugars for deep hydration. Experience immediate refreshment without any sticky residue. This mist provides 24-hour hydration*, leaving skin supple, comfortable, and beautifully toned. Enjoy the soft, fruity scent enhanced by cherry blossom extract from Luberon, Provence. The mist is rapidly absorbed, perfuming your skin and leaving it velvety soft. Proven results: 97% of users feel fresh*, 90% feel comfortable*, and 97% notice toned skin. Join the L'OCCITANE CLEAN CHARTER with 95% natural origin ingredients. Embrace the essence of Provence in this recyclable bottle (depending on local recycling capabilities). Pamper yourself sustainably with our Cherry Blossom Refreshing Mist. *Efficacy test by corneometry on 11 women. **Satisfaction tested on 30 women over 4 weeks.

How to use:

Spray onto the face, the body and the hair. Hold the spray at a distance of 20 cm from the skin. Close eyes when applying to the face.


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