At L’OCCITANE, we gather inspiration from nature. Our natural face care products give you the perfect complexion that you’ve always wanted. From fine lines and wrinkles to dry skin and uneven skin tone, our natural ingredients tackle all your skin care needs, leaving your skin radiant and healthy. Explore our range of face creams, cleansers & toners and serums and find the best skincare product for your face.

Introducing Our New Immortelle Reset Oil-in-Serum

Rest and Reset

Three active ingredients, two textures for turning the clock back on skin damage. The NEW Immortelle Reset is recommended to be applied both day & night. With over 3000 golden bubbles in a bottle, you'll have renewed skin that looks fresh, rested and radiant. 

Time to Reset
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For Ultimate Hydration

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Ultimate Anti-Aging

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Radiance Revealed

Immoretelle Precious | L'OCCITANE Malaysia

Infuse Whiteness Into Your Skin

Our Reine Blanche illuminating program is getting an upgrade. With a new look and formula, our White Infusion Serum is ready to rock your world!

Reine Blanche | L'OCCITANE Malaysia

First Signs of Aging

Combat the first signs of aging skin with L'OCCITANE products, carefully concocted with natural ingredients to nourish the skin while you sleep with what mother nature has to offer.

Shea Butter Face Care | L'OCCITANE Malaysia

Nourish your skin

Shea butter is the perfect ingredient to bring hydration and protection to your skin. Our complete shea butter face care line helps nourish, protect, and sooth normal to very dry skin, and even the sensitive ones.

Immortelle Divine | L'OCCITANE Malaysia


Perfect for a restored and youthful-looking skin, formulated with Immortelle Essential Oil.


Beautiful, healthy skin begins with the right skincare ritual

Meet our new Immortelle Reset