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Herbae Collection

In Provence, nature is freedom. Untamed, it evokes a woman whose beauty is effortless, spontaneous, uncontrived. At the heart of the Provençal landscape, a botanical force encapsulates this untamable beauty: wild grass. Herbae par L’OCCITANE is an ode to this grass dotted with thorny flowers.

In the midst of the wild grasses of Provence, you will find the white clover, rare and growing in unexpected places - with a delicate yet powerful beauty. HERBAE par L’OCCITANE L'Eeau encapsulates this fragrance for the essence of an unpredictable woman who has both softness and strength.

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Herbae Iris Pallida

The allure of Iris Pallida

This heart is magnified by powerfully warm notes of amber woods that contrast with the clean freshness of incense. The musky notes envelop this dry down with their cottony and comforting softness.

Herbae Iris Pallida Eau de Toilette

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