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Refill Fountain

Refill fountain is our revolutionary zero-plastic alternative that gives you the choice to enjoy your favorite L'OCCITANE shower products without the need for new plastic bottles. To reward you for going plastic-free, you will also receive a stamp in our Big Little Things Programme for every refill you purchase!

How Does It Work?

Refill Fountain Store

* The Mall, Mid Valley SouthKey, G-044, Ground Floor (JB)

* Pavilion Bukit Jalil, Lot 3.76.00  (KL)

* 1 Utama Shopping Mall (New Wing), Lot 345, Ground Floor (KL)

* The Gardens Lot F241B,1st Floor (KL)

* Gurney Plaza, Lot No 170-G-17/18, Ground Floor (Penang)

*Mid Valley KL, G-086, Ground Floor (KL)

BIG Little Things

Committed to Reducing Waste


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to operate the refill fountain myself?

Our beauty advisor will help assist on the refill process as we require customers to not touch the refill machine to ensure the cleanliness, safety and quality of the product you are refilling. Our beauty advisors have been specially trained to use the machine and know where are the sensitive areas to avoid, in order to prevent any possible contamination of the products refilled.

What bottles can I use at the refill fountain?

It is recommended to use the L'OCCITANE forever bottle which you can purchase from our refill fountain stores or L'OCCITANE bottle of the same products (subject to inspection of suitability by our Beauty Advisors).

Can I bring compatible bottles from another brand or a new unused compatible bottle (e.g. from a household store?)

To ensure the safety and quality of the product you are refilling, we are unable to accept bottles from any other brand due to the small possibility of residue in the bottle. Our refill fountains' nozzles are also specially calibrated to specifically fit our forever bottles as well as bottles from our brand.

What is the shelf life of my refilled product?

Products from the refill fountain have a shelf life of 12 months after it has been dispensed into the refill bottles. A label will be printed with every refill to indicate the shelf life of the refilled product.


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