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Reviews by our Customers

See Why They Love Reset Triphase Essence!

Great Product!

I use together with Immortelle reset serum and Divine youth oil. The result is awesome as I have eczema and my skin become so smooth, glowing & less sensitive. It's complete my skincare regime.


Syida Shukar

Wonderful Product!

Love it from the first use! Can see the effect within the first week, skin tone is more even and radiant. Lightweight, not sticky, very refreshing after tapping on the skin.



Radiant & Glowing Skin

I love it since the first few days of using this triphase essence. My skin is glowing and more radiant looking now! It’s refreshing and instantly absorbs into my skin without leaving any traces of oily/sticky feelings.


Hazel C

Hydrates and refreshing

I've been using this triphase serum for only 1 week but I can already see tremendous result. My skin looks more hydrated, glowing, smaller pores and less tendency for breakout, even though during working hours I've to wear mask most of the time. Definitely will continue using this serum 😍




Been using this for few days, it moisturize your face until the moment you wash your face. No acne will pop up while using this. My acne scar also reducing. Love it to the max! And makes your face glowing as well in the next morning.



#TriedAndTested by @tashashilla

After 1 week of using my skin feels smooth, moisturized and glowing. With a couple of sprays, face feels balanced, strong, radiant from the Natural beetroot prebiotic. Tasha dapat rasa bila spray dekat muka / kulit, ia cepat dan mudah serap, hari ke hari tona kulit muka rasa balanced.

#TriedAndTested by @belladally

Taking care of my skin has been one of my top self-care priorities especially when I’m frequently exposed to the sun and lack of sleep due to work. The new Immortelle Reset Triphase Essence helps to balance skin and give a healthy-looking complexion that you desire.

#TriedAndTested by @laylaasania

Ni lah product yang Layla mention on my stories the other day, Immortelle Reset Triphase Essence. This product helps to balance, strenghten and it also makes the skin glow.

#TriedAndTested by@windge4726

本人太要脸,天天照顾脸,大家才赏脸。我之前试过皮肤敏感,所以”稳住”肌肤是一定要的,其实常熬夜工作太累,也会让你的肌肤状态变弱,然后脸色就看起來暗暗的。L’Occitane 的Reset Triphase Essence 就可以提高肌肤的保护力,更保湿亮亮的,值得入手一瓶!

Immortelle Reset Triphase Essence

No more bad skin days with our lightweight Reset Triphase Essence for radiant, strengthened and balanced skin.


Immortelle Reset Serum

Activate and reawaken skin cells for fresh, rested and glowing skin in 7 days.

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