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Memorable moments come in a yellow box

The culture of gifting is an important part of L’OCCITANE’s brand. Whether it is a small or big gifts, we will pack all the thoughtful giftsin a cheerful yellow gift packaging that brighten up one’s day.
Whether it is a gift for women or a gift for men, here are the ideas you to express love, say thank you or make amend.

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Share every moment with a yellow box

Celebrations come in a yellow box. Celebrate their special days with a gift from

Love comes in a yellow box.Show them your love with goodness from nature.

Apologies comes in a yellow box.It’s time to make amends with a yellow gift box.

Friendship comes in a yellow box. Let them know you miss them with a small surprise.

Gratitude comes in a yellow box.Thank them for al they’ve done with a thoughtful gift from nature.

Looking for the perfect gift?

Gift Suggestions

Gift Under RM100

Here are some gift ideas that your friends and loved one will love but won’t break the bank.

Gift Under RM200

Here are some gift ideas that are unique for everyone on your shopping list, yet affordable.

Gift Under RM500

Here are some indulgent, luxurious gift ideas to be given to that special someone.

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