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When it comes to caring for sensitive skin, less is always more.
Less sensitivity, less chemicals, less complicated. It’s possible with our simple but powerful Shea Butter range.
Shea butter is well-known to be one of the most moisturizing natural ingredients ever. Some say it’s even more soothing and hydrating than Aloe Vera for your skin!

Less itching and dryness, more moisturizing

Our Shea Butter Shower Cream combines an effective body cleanser with the moisturizing goodness of a 5% Shea Butter body cream, every time you shower.

Shea Butter Shower Cream

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2 Step Routine: Less complicated, more comforting

Step 1: Cleanser

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Shower with our gentle, effective and moisturizing Shea Butter Shower Cream.


Step 2: Moisturize

Comfort dry and itchy skin with our Shea Butter Ultra-Rich Body Cream, which provides a skin barrier-protecting layer of moisture.


Which body cleanser is suitable for you?

Shower Cream

A moisturizing body cleanser with a gentle lather. Think of this as a gentle shower gel combined with a 5% Shea Butter body cream! Perfect for those who want an uncomplicated way to stay moisturized with every shower.

Shower Oil

An oil-to-milk cleanser that gently yet effectively cleanses skin. You will step out of the shower with a natural protective layer of moisture that keeps your skin happy for hours. Use with a loofah if you want some lather!

Shea Butter Ultra light body cream (5%)

Light as a whipped cream but still hydrating! Our 5% Shea Butter Ultra Light Body Cream is perfect for hot weather or those who need just a touch of moisturizing.

Shea Butter Rich Body Lotion (15%)

This comforting body lotion spreads easily and smoothly with a non-greasy finish. Perfect for all-over moisturizing for most skin types with a convenient pump for easy application.

Shea Butter Ultra Rich Cream (25%)

Our most moisturizing body cream provides a protective layer of moisture for sensitive and very dry skin. This is also great for winter trips to cold and dry countries! Warm it up in your palms before smoothing it on for easier application.

Less of the old ways, more change cultivated

L’OCCITANE Clean Charter

Our Shea Butter range only uses Shea Butter sourced via Fairtrade agreements from Burkina Faso. We are also committed to empowering women from the region by supporting education and entrepreneurship programs with the L'OCCITANE Foundation.

Fairtrade Certified

The L'OCCITANE Clean Charter is our commitment to using significantly more natural and biodegradable ingredients than the industry standard. When you see these labels on our products, you can be assured that they are made with more than 95% biodegradable or natural origin ingredients.



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