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Plastic pollution is everywhere. If we want a cleaner future, we have to cut down on plastic – and on waste in general.You know it. We know it. And together, we can make a difference. ThinkReduce, Reuse, Recycle!

At L'OCCITANE, we're not only increasing our use of recycled plastic and eco-refills; we also have a partnership withI-CYCLE Malaysia our FIRST RECYCLING PROGRAM – “BIG LITTLE THINGS” , a local solutions provider of waste separation & recycling.

You probably already recycle as much as you can. But what aboutupcycling? It's a great way to reduce waste, reuse your packaging and get creative


Got green fingers?

Transform your Almond Milk Concentrate jars into irresistible little plant holders! Easy peasy: simply clean the jar, place some compost in it, and add one of your favourite plants.

Kitchen needs organising?

Once you've finished your Réotier face cream, clean the jar and use it to hold herbs, spices and even small fruits, such as cherries, tomatoes and cherry tomatoes!

Treasure To Stores

No more misplacing your jewellery! When your scented candle is finished, remove any remaining wax and the wick, then use the pretty jar to store your necklaces, rings and earrings.

Give a second life to your eco-refills

Create a hanging herb bag or flower holder

Bring a little nature into your home by reusing your eco-refill sachet!
Who knew you could take something plastic and use it to make something rustic?

Stay cool in the hot weather!

This is one of our easiest upcycling ideas. Take an empty eco-refill, wash it, fill it two thirds with water, put the cap on and place it in your freezer. You can then use it for your summer picnics or to freshen up when you're feeling hot hot hot !

Make your plants as pretty as a picture!

Make a decorative feature of your plants, with a little help from some eco-refill sachets and a simple but beautiful wooden "frame".


Make a vase from a cherry blossom bottle

Ready for a challenge? Try your hand at macramé and create a beautiful hanging vase in the colour of your choice!

Use your precious and divine jars to make an organiser

With a few basic DIY skills, you can make this original organiser and use it to hold small stationery items or lots of other little things!
It's pretty, practical, and perfect if you want to get your teeth into a more challenging DIY project!

Use a gift box to make a tablet stand

Why throw away our gift boxes when you can use them for something else and still enjoy how beautiful they are?
If you're nimble-fingered and a frequent tablet user, this upcycling solution is perfect for you!

Use your body cream pots as a cactus holders

These plastic pots are perfect for holding small cactus plants that don't need too much space or water. Just fill them with potting compost (a special cactus mix is best), gently add your cactus (be careful if it's prickly!) and watch it grow (OK, it may take a while...). You'll find lots of helpful information about how to care for your cactus on the Internet.

Make a shampoo bottle into a bird feeder

Once you've finished using your shampoo to nourish your hair, why not use the bottle to nourish the birds? This is possibly our most difficult upcycling creation, but it's definitely worth the effort!

Instead of plastic pots, use an eco-refill sachet!

For all budding gardeners out there, why not use an eco-refill sachet to start off your plants? Simply pierce holes for drainage, fill with compost and sow your seeds. Once your plants are ready to go outside, you can rinse the sachet out and put it away for next year! Plus, you can store it flat, so it takes up less space than standard pots!

Take a pretty jar and make a pretty candle holder

Many of our face creams come in beautifully shaped glass jars that can, of course, be recycled. But they're so pretty, it seems a shame to say goodbye to them once your cream is finished! So how about making them into candle holders that will add a warm and bright touch to your home?

Keep your plants watered with an old shampoo bottle!

If you've got plants that need watering regularly, it's always a problem when you go away... So why not take one of your old shampoo bottles and use it to make a self-watering system? It's really easy, and your plants will thank you for it!

Use a gift box to organise your underwear

No more messy drawers – just a beautiful gift box (or two, or three...)! This easy upcycling idea lets you keep your underwear neat and tidy, so you can find what you're looking for easily. You could even use it for your ties, accessories, etc.

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